Saturday, 31 October 2009

Decisions, decisions

At the moment I am researching the possibilities of moving to Norway. How to get my license to practise medicine, how to find a place to live and apply for work. This weekend I am going to a meeting where, hopefully, my many questions will be answered.

Should you be interested in emigrating to, and settling in, Norway please try the linked sites for information.

Thursday, 29 October 2009

How-to-write .........

Trying to write something and then make other people read it requires ....... what exactly? Aside from all the kilos of books that discuss this we may include the notion that whatever you write make sure to credit sources. Merely inventing original stories is great if you want to write fiction, but to comment on contemporary events we should not ignore work done by others.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Paranoid or just careful?

Having read about all kinds of computer trouble, involving idiots trying to be funny, I have installed a truckload of counterhacker utilities. Aside from a Firewall, Antivirus, and Antispamprogam I have started using Ad-Aware, Spybot, Windows Defender, Calling ID, McAfee Siteadvisor. Also, I am using Firefox and have NoScript installed. So far, I have been satisfied with the result. True, they make surfing slightly more cumbersome, but knowing what is going on with my computer makes it worth the hassle.

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Summer in Norway

This summer I was in Oslo before going into the mountains. Both were great. Oslo is a surprisingly familiar place for anyone who has been to Berlin, Edinburgh, Paris, or Rotterdam. The same people, same shops and more or less the same nightlife. I found several nice spots while exploring the city. The fact most Norwegians speak English is helpful. Unlike Dutch, French and German, my Norwegian is slightly rusty, as in: non-existent. Although, combining these I was often able to more or less understand these Scandinavians, especially written texts.

Arriving on a Friday I used the Oslo Pass that weekend, which is a great way to get to know Oslo. Saturday morning I took the ferry to the peninsula of Bygdø. Arriving near Oscarshall I then visited Vikingskipshuset (The Viking Ship Museum - Huk Aveny 35) which is a cross-shaped building. One of the ships can be seen here. 

Then I continued to Frammuseet (The Fram Museum - Bygdøynesveien 36) and Kon-Tiki Museet (Kon-Tiki Museum - Bygdøynesveien 36), which are situated next to each other.

It was possible to see the inside of Fram which was a nice experience. The Kon-Tiki surprised me. Looking at the crafts at display in the museum I would not even have boarded them floating on a small lake. To traverse the ocean appears to me as either a very brave thing to do or utterly stupid. After some coffee I took the ferry that departs from Frammuseet back into town where I found United Bakeries where I had a small lunch. Replenished I went to the Nasjonalmuseet (National Gallery - Universitetsgata 13),  to finish my day across the street at kaffebrenneriet which is a franchise, not unlike Starbucks, that specialises in all types of coffee and juices to be served with bread, pastries or tart. Returning, on foot, to the place I stayed at I discovered the enjoyable borough Grünerløkka, with Birkelunden park and Olaf Ryes plass. The latter is a nice square with lovely dinner and drinking spots around it. Fru Hagen apparently is the place to be, Parkteatret Bar has drinks but no lunch. Of course, being in Norway I tried some local food that evening.

The following day was extremely hot and sunny, which made the trip to Vigeland Museet og Parken (Vigeland Museum and Park - Nobels gate 32) -located in Frognerparken- a succes. An exhibition of sculptures by Gustav Vigeland. Being not that into sculptures the museum could not really interest me. The park however was brilliant, with many people enjoying the weather and scenery.

At the entrance of Frognerparken I also found the Bymuseet (Oslo City Museum - Frognerveien 67) which is a small museum detailing Oslo's history.

Close by there was another one of the kaffebrenneriet. Yes, true, no denying, I am addicted to brown juice and warm milk. One drink, and a moment in the sun, later I hurried to the Munch-Museet (the Munch Museum).

That evening I took the bus to Seljord where we packed hicking gear as prelude to a five hours long walk into the mountains. The weather was awful, rain, rain, rain and some more rain. Nevertheless, we caught alot of trout which we marinated in our stomachs with whiskey and other important cullinary aids. Also, my new Gore-Tex shoes, Kaikkialla Jisko Softshell Pants and Fjällräven Iceland trousers worked perfectly. Dry feet and no blisters, even after spending hours exploring the terrain surrounding our small cottage.

Despite being in the middle of nowhere I still was able to miss this animal's Norwegian family. The week in the mountains concluded my summer in Norway.

Friday, 23 October 2009

Looking for a new phone

At the moment I am looking for something to replace my Nokia 6500 slide. For reasons I need not explain I have been thinking about the new iPhone 3GS. Then I read the following stories which may or may not change my choice.

Work in progress

The coming weeks I will be discussing a few topics that interest me. Not surprisingly they will be heavily biased, i.e. my views shine through, but included are references showing what exactly my opinion is based upon. Eventhough I realise opinion is opinion, certain views are more reality-based than others. Feel free to share what category mine fall into.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Primum Non Nocere indeed

Just stumbled onto others that came up with the "first do no harm"-gambit. Both here and here is evidence of me being utterly original. Hmm, maybe I should use a less singular title.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Home at last

Just got home from Schiphol where my significant other arrived after playing the big concerthalls :) with her chamber orchestra. Now we are about to watch The Wire.


Well, after an attempt years ago I try and write more frequently. Will start with adding those blogs I read on a daily base.