Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Homeopathy in bad weather

As a result of recent findings that concluded homeopathy is nothing more than wishful thinking, otherwise known as placebo, Steven Novella reports:
Homeopathy is on the ropes in the UK. Earlier in the year The House of Commons Science and Technology Committee (STC) released a report, Evidence Check 2: Homeopathy, essentially saying that homeopathy is bunk and should no longer be supported. Recently representatives of the British Medical Association (BMA) condemned homeopathy as “witchcraft.”
And he continues:
Now the BMA is going one step further – calling for a ban on homeopathy in the UK. They do not want homeopathy to be illegal, but they want a ban on any National Health Service (NHS) support for homeopathy.
This, of course, is good news. Everybody should have the right to throw away his/her money by spending it on therapies that do not work. That proposition does not mean the rest of us should pay for their gullibility.

Update: According to Pharyngula there is a video that:
will hurt your brain, but don't worry, the pain will make you stronger. This is a mashup of a few homeopaths rationalizing their baloney, mixed in with Star Trek technobabble.
Then he comments on the above story:
There is a corrective: good news. British skeptics have been working hard to fight homeopathy, UK doctors have called for a ban on homeopathic 'medicines', and the doctors have voted to make homeopathy unsupported by the national health service! Reason triumphs for once!
 Sanity at last?

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Augmented my collection of films

It has been some time since the last post. Working on a few now, and for those that cannot wait I added some titles to my collection of films. Don't be shy and see if there is anything you like, or something you want to suggest to me.