Wednesday, 6 January 2010


In a previous life I was living with a homeopath. Despite the fact we made a good match the theme of the relationship was our recurring conflicts over me being too "rational." Of course, I think you should always have an "open mind," but refusing to exercise some scepticism invariably will lead to adopting (medival) superstition as if it is equivalent to science. Her friends were just as misguided, though equally sincere. Which I found difficult not to comment upon. Being diplomatically challenged I unquestionably made numerous unfortunate remarks.

Tim Minchin captures the debates I had in those days perfectly in his If You Open Your Mind Too Much Your Brain Will Fall Out (Take My Wife).

His Storm may be about her. Not really, but she does fit the description, as does any "open-minded" alternative thinker. If you ever had an evening listening to those "enlightened spirits" you will recognise what he is saying:

Curiously enough asking for some critical thinking made me look like the bad guy every time. For some reason I was accused of not taking her serious. Wonder why?

And now, for something totally different:

Great song! Jeff Buckley's version remains No.1. Studio version here.

Update: Podblack Cat has the lyrics and Tim uploaded his own version of Storm as performed at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in December 2008. (h/t Holford Watch)

Update II: Apparently a film adaptation of Storm is being made, details on its official blog.

Update III: Found another video of Tim performing the poem:

Update IV: Storm the Animated Movie

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  1. I always thought homeopathy was just about the weirdest form of altmed.

    But at a birthday party last Saturday I was instructed on the blessings of colour therapy. Colour therapy is really wonderful, it can cure anything, even cancer, but only if you believe in it. When I tried to explain why this is all complete nonsense, they told me I was a closed minded cynic and too rational for my own good, so it wouldn't work for me anyway. I got the impression they thought it served me right too.

    What a wonderful world we live in. My mind still hasn't stopped boggling.