Sunday, 29 August 2010


Rational people know, and abhor, the pandemic involving the denialist-virus. We now appear to have an attempt by Liz Ditz (Twitter) to bring those valliant people opposing the anti-science movement together in what is called ScienceMobsters. Some of them you may recognise from my blogroll. This science promotion movement is, as Liz explains here and here, the result of:
a series of tweets from Homeopathyinfo (
The ensuing debate made her compile a list of potential candidates. The criteria for inclusion are:
* science / reality based
* Forthright about challenging pseudoscience (homeopathy, chiropractic for anything other than low back pain, reiki, etc.)
The secret society members, and related things, can be found at #Sciencemob. At present it appears to focus on nonsensical medical claims, though global warming and evolution are not excluded. Suggestions for new members you can  leave at the Sciencemob Twitter feed. My blogroll has some good candidates so Liz:)

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  1. Thanks, Nescio!

    The whole thing began as sort of a weekend whimsy.

    I used to be what Dr. Val calls a shruggie (

    Then I learned more about homeopathy, chiropractic marketed to families with autism & learning disabilities, and the dangers of vaccine refusal. No longer a shruggie but you can see why the emphasis was on health rather than global warming denialists, evolution denialists etc.